Thiamine Deficiency Protocols & Addressing Nutrient Interactions

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The ultimate resource for supporting thiamine-responsive conditions. This e-document contains 90+ pages of practical information and guidance on how to safely begin thiamine (vitamin B1) supplementation and manage the so-called “paradoxical reaction”. It includes the pros and cons of different thiamine supplements, along with detailed information on nutritional cofactors and different nutraceutical protocols of different conditions.

Finally, it focuses on how to pinpoint demand for different minerals and vitamins by different symptoms, how to test for those nutrients, and a basic interpretation of common markers in blood and urine from a nutritional standpoint.

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What this document includes

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Learn about...


How thiamine works

Learn the basic biochemistry of thiamine and how deficiency affects the body

Different forms

Thiamine salts, TPP, benfotiamine, sulbutiamine and thiamine tetrahydrofurufyl disulfide (TTFD)


How to build up to a high dose including dosage charts and recommended nutrients


Protocols for beginners who are sensitive and need to approach things more slowly

Thiamine for chronic conditions

Gastrointestinal, neurological, cardio-metabolic and other protocols included

Nutritional interactions

How the B-spectrum vitamins and specific minerals interact with thiamine

Paradoxical reaction management

How to identify nutrient demands by symptoms, testing, and how to address it

Test interpretation

Interpretation of common biomarkers in blood and urine from a nutritional standpoint
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